Who is in the Silver Ferns netball team 2021?

Who is in the Silver Ferns netball team 2021?

Who is in the Silver Ferns netball team 2021?

  • Shooters. Ameliaranne Ekenasio (maternity leave) *Jamie Hume. *Tiana Metuarau. *Grace Nweke.
  • Midcourters. Gina Crampton. Maddy Gordon. *Kate Heffernan. Claire Kersten.
  • Defenders. Karin Burger. Sulu Fitzpatrick. Kelly Jury.
  • 2021/22 SILVER FERNS DEVELOPMENT SQUAD. Kate Burley. Monica Falkner. Paris Lokotui.

Who is the Silver Ferns Captain 2021?

Gina Crampton
Former Southern Steel wing attack Gina Crampton has been named Silver Ferns captain. The 29-year-old becomes the 28th player to captain the national side, and will be supported by new vice captain Sulu Fitzpatrick.

Who plays in the Silver Ferns?


  • Karin Burger.
  • Gina Crampton.
  • Ameliaranne Ekenasio (nee Wells)
  • Maddy Gordon.
  • Kate Heffernan.
  • Jamie Hume.
  • Kelly Jury.
  • Grace Nweke.

Who is silver fern1?

The coach of the Silver Ferns is former national team player Noeline Taurua, who replaced Janine Southby in the role in August 2018….New Zealand national netball team.

Official logo
Nickname(s) Silver Ferns
Association Netball New Zealand
Confederation Oceania Netball Federation
First international

Why is the silver fern a symbol of New Zealand?

The silver fern (Cyathea dealbata) has come to embody the spirit of New Zealand. According to Māori legend, the silver fern once lived in the sea. This distinctly New Zealand symbol is considered a badge of honour by the people, products and services of our country that carry it.

Where do the Silver Ferns train?

From October 2012 to June 2019, RM 24 was leased to Dunedin Railways for excursions, tours and charters around the South Island. After the lease expired, the railcar was handed back to KiwiRail in June 2019.

Why is the silver fern important to New Zealand?

The silver fern has been accepted as a symbol of New Zealand’s national identity since the 1880s. To Māori, the elegant shape of the fronds stood for strength, stubborn resistance, and enduring power. To Pākehā (New Zealanders of non-Māori descent), the fern symbolised their sense of attachment to their homeland.

Who is the shortest silver fern?

Elisapeta Toeava
Elisapeta Toeava Being the shortest player in the competition did not detract from Toeava’s rich skill set and abundant athletic talent. Predominantly a wing attack, Toeava was the little general in the midcourt with her ability to size up a situation and add a different dynamic.

What is silver fern used for?

Silver ferns flourish under teatree (manuka/kanuka) and other scrubs in the northern lowlands. Traditional uses of ponga included as building material, treating skin problems, marking tracks for night-time use, and the trunk’s woody fibre was used to make poisonous spear tips.

Are ferns native to NZ?

New Zealand has an unusually high number of fern species for a temperate country and about 40 per cent of these species occur nowhere else in the world. Ferns are mostly a tropical group, and New Zealand has an unusually high number of species for a temperate country.

How much do Silver Ferns get paid?

Silver Fern Farms Jobs by Hourly Rate

Job Title Range
Production Worker Range:NZ$18 – NZ$28 (Estimated *)
Cleaner Range:NZ$18 – NZ$22 (Estimated *)
Compliance Officer (but not Agriculture, Construction, Health / Safety, or Transportation) Range:NZ$18 – NZ$30 (Estimated *)
Laborer Range:NZ$18 – NZ$23 (Estimated *)

Who is the most successful netball team?

the Australian Diamonds
It’s hard to reconcile the Australian Diamonds with those humble beginnings in 1938. They’re not just the world’s number one netball team, they’re one of the most dominant teams in sporting history. The Diamonds have won 11 out of 14 World Cups (including the inaugural World Championships in 1963).