Who is Jean shafiroff married to?

Who is Jean shafiroff married to?

Who is Jean shafiroff married to?

Martin Shafiroff
Jean is married to Martin Shafiroff, an investment advisor, and together they have two daughters, Jacqueline and Elizabeth, who share their mother’s interest in charitable causes.

How old is Jean shafiroff?

Shafiroff, 62, estimates that she and her husband, Martin D.

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Who are the parents of Jean Shafiroff?

Shafiroff, née Jean Lutri, grew up on Long Island, New York. Her parents are Placido Lutri, former music chairman and director of district bands for the Levittown, Long Island, schools, and Rose Lutri, a painter and former textile designer.

Where does Jean Shafiroff live in New York?

Jean Shafiroff is an American philanthropist, author and socialite. She lives in Manhattan, in New York City, and in Southampton, New York.

When did Jean Shafiroff get married to Martin?

In 2019, Shafiroff was the Stony Brook Southampton Hospital gala honoree. Shafiroff married Martin D. Shafiroff, managing director at Barclays, in 1982. ^ a b “Climbing the Socialite Ladder, One Gala at a Time”.

When did Jean Shafiroff get the DINA Borg Award?

She was also an honoree and recipient of the Madeleine Borg Lifetime Service Award and recipient of the Dina Merrill Award for Public Service from the New York Mission Society in 2014. In June 2016, Shafiroff received the Humanitarian with Heart Award from the American Heart Association.