Who is Sofia in Merlin?

Who is Sofia in Merlin?

Who is Sofia in Merlin?

Holliday Clark Grainger
Holliday Clark Grainger (born 27 March 1988), also credited as Holly Grainger, is an English screen and stage actress….Television.

Year 2008
Title Merlin
Role Sophia
Notes Episode: “The Gates of Avalon”

Who played Helen in Merlin?

Eve Myles
Eve Myles (born 26 July 1978) is a Welsh actress from Ystradgynlais….Television.

Year 2008
Title Merlin
Role Lady Helen/Mary Collins
Notes Episode: “The Dragon’s Call”

Who was the old woman in Merlin?

The Dolma was a disguise taken on by Merlin in the form of an old woman to help King Arthur save his wife, Queen Guinevere from Morgana’s brainwashing spell.

How old is Gaius in Merlin?

around 72
Gaius is aged around 72 (from the time of Series 3) as he stated in ‘Love in the Time of Dragons that a book was given to him by Alice. The incription inside the book states it was given to him on his 50th birthday, by Alice, before the Great Purge, which was 22 years earlier.

Does Arthur marry Elena?

Being released from the Sidhe cured Elena of her clumsiness. During the wedding, she and Arthur confessed that they were only marrying for duty, and neither had feelings for the other, and so they called off the wedding.

Is faith married to Evan in real life?

April 17, 2021 – 21:30 BST Emmy Griffiths. Faith Howells and her husband Evan might have a troubled relationship in Keeping Faith, but fortunately life doesn’t imitate art as the actors who play the couple, Eve Myles and Bradley Freegard, are happily married in real life!

Why did Angeline Ball leave keeping faith?

Although, after doing some digging, it seems that Angeline Ball is actually taking time out from acting this year to focus on her music career. Since starring in The Commitments, Ball has balanced her passions for music and acting simultaneously, but the actor has decided that this year music comes first.

Does Merlin fall in love with Freya?

Freya was a Druid girl who fell in love with Merlin, who she met when he helped her to escape from the bounty hunter Halig. She later died on the shores of the Lake of Avalon, after which she became the Lady of the Lake.

Who was Lady Helen of Mora in Merlin?

Lady Helen of Mora was a celebrated singer in the land of Albion. Mary Collins kills Lady Helen with a poppet. Helen was invited by King Uther Pendragon to sing at a feast in Camelot celebrating the twentieth anniversary of his successful banishment of sorcery from the kingdom.

What kind of person is Sophia in Merlin?

Sophia was beautiful in her human form, but treacherous inside. She was selfish and sly; while she made the pretence of loving Arthur, she was contemptuous after he saved her life, furious that she had been lowered to a state where she needed to be saved by someone far less powerful than she had been.

Who was the sorceress that killed Helen in Merlin?

However, Helen’s convoy was intercepted by the sorceress Mary Collins, who killed Helen using a Poppet and used a glamour to take on the singer’s appearance in order to infiltrate Uther’s court ( The Dragon’s Call ).

How did Merlin save Arthur from Aulfric and Sophia?

Merlin turns up at the last minute and saves Arthur by killing both Aulfric and Sophia with Sophia’s staff. Merlin keeps her staff afterwards ( The Gates of Avalon ). Sophia was beautiful in her human form, but treacherous inside.