Who is the dubbing artist for rajasekhar?

Who is the dubbing artist for rajasekhar?

Who is the dubbing artist for rajasekhar?

Ravi Shankar dubbed for both Rajasekhar and Vijayan, respectively.

Who is rajasekhar wife?

Jeevitham. 1991
Dr. Rajasekhar/Wife

What is the age of rajasekhar?

59 years (February 4, 1962)
Dr. Rajasekhar/Age

What is the age of jeevitha?

55 years (May 24, 1966)

Is Jayanthi dead?

Deceased (1945–2021)
Jayanthi/Living or Deceased

What is the age of Suman?

62 years (August 28, 1959)

Is Amma Rajasekhar married?

Radha Rajasekhar
Amma Rajasekhar/Spouse

What does jeevitha mean?

Meaning. The ancient Hindu girl name of Sanskrit origin means ‘alive and life’. Description. The name is derived from Sanskrit word ‘Jeevit’ mentioned in the Veda meaning ‘a living being or life’.

How did Kannada actress Jayanthi died?

Death. Jayanthi died on 26 July 2021 at the age of 76, due to age related ailments at her residence in Bengaluru.

Who is the actor with the name Rajasekhar?

In this Indian name, the name Varadharajan is a patronymic, and the person should be referred to by the given name, Rajasekhar. Rajasekhar (born Rajasekhar Varadharajan) is an Indian film actor known for his works primarily in Telugu cinema, and a few Tamil films.

Who are the actors in the movie Seshu?

Seshu is a 2002 Indian Telugu film starring Rajasekhar in the lead role, directed by his wife Jeevitha Rajasekhar. It is a remake of the 1999 hit Tamil film Sethu, directed by Bala, which starred Vikram as the protagonist. The film, starring Kaveri, Jyoti Lakshmi, Ganesh and Nassar in supporting roles, was released on 28 February 2002.

Who is the composer of the movie Seshu?

The music, including film score and soundtrack, was composed by noted Tamil film composer Yuvan Shankar Raja, who debuted in Telugu with this film. Incidentally, his father Ilaiyaraaja had composed music for the original version. The soundtrack features 8 tracks, out of which 4 songs were retained from the original soundtrack.

Where was Dr.Rajasekhar born in Tamil Nadu?

Jeevitha and Dr. Rajashekhar along with their two daughters calling on the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, in New Delhi on 26 October 2015. Dr. Rajasekhar was born in Lakshmipuram, Theni district of Tamil Nadu to D. C Varadharajan, a retired police officer and Andalu.