Who manufactures Glycine?

Who manufactures Glycine?

Who manufactures Glycine?

Glycine Watch SA is a Swiss wristwatch manufacturer, founded in 1914, and based in Bienne, Switzerland. It is famed for its Airman line, debuted in 1953, a collection of GMT watches featuring 24-hour analog dials and rotating bezels, favoured by both military and commercial pilots.

Where are Glycine watches made?

Bienne, Switzerland
Since being founded by Eugène Meylan in 1914, Glycine has produced watches at his factory in Bienne, Switzerland. Meylan is an uncompromising watch engineer who strives for perfection and nothing less.

Is Glycine a luxury brand?

Glycine is now quite clearly an affordable, entry-level Swiss brand, in the line of Certina, Tissot and others. The movements used may have changed, but they’re still Swiss made – modified from Selitta bases.

What movement is in a Glycine combat sub?

ETA 2824 automatic movement
The Movement Powering the watch is of course the classic, reliable Swiss ETA 2824 automatic movement, although Glycine refers to it as the GL224. Not much needs to be said about these movements; they are tough, refined, and capable of excellent accuracy.

Is Glycine still a good brand?

Glycine is a nice brand with a good heritage. Their MSRP is more than you would ever want to pay as they are easily found for about 50% of that thru grey market dealers.

Is Glycine better than Seiko?

Guaranteed, the Seiko has better lume. The Glycine will likely have the better bracelet. The Glycine has got a better movement overall, I think, but you’ve got future maintenance costs to consider.

Is Glycine a good brand?

Is Glycine A Good Brand? Glycine watches are most certainly a good investment for watch collectors, especially for travel enthusiasts. They are crafted to be sturdy, accurate, and easy to read. The brand’s collections range from mid-tier pricing to the luxury price point.

Are glycine watches made in China?

Aside from the typical BS that Invicta spouts off, page two also notes that Glycine is made at the Chinese factory along with Invicta and technomarine.