Who originally sang gentle on my mind?

Who originally sang gentle on my mind?

Who originally sang gentle on my mind?

John Hartford
“Gentle on My Mind” is a song written by John Hartford that won four 1968 Grammy Awards….Gentle on My Mind.

“Gentle on My Mind”
Songwriter(s) John Hartford
Producer(s) Al DeLory
Glen Campbell singles chronology
“Burning Bridges” (1967) “Gentle on My Mind” (1967) “By the Time I Get to Phoenix” (1967)

When did Glen Campbell record gentle on my mind?

Gentle on My Mind is the sixth album by American singer-guitarist Glen Campbell, released in 1967 by Capitol Records….Gentle on My Mind (1967 Glen Campbell album)

Gentle on My Mind
Recorded May 17 – July 13, 1967, Capitol Recording Studio, Hollywood, CA
Genre Folk
Length 27:57
Label Capitol

Did Jimmy Webb write Gentle On My Mind?

“Gentle on My Mind” would be re-released, following Campbell’s summer series and the breakthrough smash, “By the Time I Get to Phoenix,” which was the first of numerous songs the singer would record penned by Jimmy Webb.

Is John Hartford still alive?

Deceased (1937–2001)
John Hartford/Living or Deceased

Who is the girl in the band Perry gentle on my mind?

Shelley Hennig
Along with The Band Perry members (Kimberly, Reid and Neil Perry), the video features Alexander Ludwig (TV’s Vikings, Lone Survivor, and When The Game Stands Tall) as a young man who’s craving for a little time outdoors, even if it means leaving his girl (Shelley Hennig from TV’s Teen Wolf and the flick Ouija) behind.

What famous songs did John Hartford write?

Original songs

Title Written by Original date
(Good Old Electric) Washing Machine John Hartford February 1, 1967
Here I Am in Love Again John Hartford September 1989
Howard Hughes’ Blues John Hartford 1972
I Didn’t Know the World Would Last This Long John Hartford April 25, 1968

Who wrote Wichita Lineman?

Jimmy Webb
Wichita Lineman/Composers