Who owns Rafting in the Smokies?

Who owns Rafting in the Smokies?

Who owns Rafting in the Smokies?

It’s a relaxing, stress free way to have your own river island adventure! (7) Uncommon Commitment – Rafting in the Smokies owners Mark & Brenda Shultz don’t leave your experience and satisfaction to paid staff. Both are on property and hands on as part of the Rafting in the Smokies team.

Can you whitewater raft in the Smoky Mountains?

If you’re looking for an exciting whitewater rafting adventure, Smoky Mountain Outdoors is the perfect place! SMO also offers a Lower River Rafting trip that is great for families and those who want a relaxing ride down the river. Not only will you see beautiful scenery, but kids love it.

What class rapids are on the Pigeon River?

Whitewater Rafting on the Pigeon River in Tennessee is a mostly Class III experience at standard water flows, with rapid names like The Lost Guide, Full of Water, Powerhouse and Snap Dragon.

Can you whitewater raft in Gatlinburg?

Whitewater Rafting in Gatlinburg No experience is necessary, so get ready to rock the rapids! With several regional rivers just minutes away, Gatlinburg is a great place for whitewater rafting! Whether you’ve never been before or you’re an experienced rafter, Gatlinburg has the whitewater rafting adventure for you!

How much does it cost to go white water rafting in Gatlinburg Tennessee?


Day Pricing Group Pricing
Tues – Thurs $39.95 $34.95
Saturday $39.95 $34.95
*Prices are per person & don’t include tax.

What is Class 3 rafting?

Class 3: Whitewater, in that the water does appear white due to all the bubbles, small waves, maybe a small drop, but no considerable danger. This class may require significant maneuvering in the raft. Experienced and strong paddling skills are needed at this level.

Is the Pigeon River safe?

After 20 years of being considered polluted and unsafe, this portion of the river is now open to visitors. According the WBIR, the Little Pigeon River in Sevierville has been under a water safety advisory since 1993. Since then, state officials warned visitors not to fish or swim in the river due to bacteria.

Where is Upper Pigeon River?

Skirted by the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Cherokee National Forest, Martha Sundquist State Forest and the Appalachian Trail, the Pigeon River has carved its rocky riverbed through some of the most dramatic country in East Tennessee.

What is the highest level of white water rafting?


  1. Class 1 and 2 are float trips.
  2. Class 3 is a typical beginner level for rafting.
  3. Class 4 is intermediate to advanced and good for adventure rafters.
  4. Class 5 is advanced and recommended only for experienced rafters.
  5. Class 6 is unrunnable by most people and presents an extreme level of danger.

How much is white water rafting in Gatlinburg?

With a white water rafting trip, you’ll see the Smokies from a whole new perspective! Rafting in the Smoky Mountains on the Pigeon River is a great trip for all ages. Pigeon River Rafting trip prices start at $29.95….PRICING.

Day Pricing
Tues – Thurs $74.99
Saturday $74.99
*Prices are per person & don’t include tax.

When did white water rafting in the Smokies start?

Pioneering Pigeon River & White Water Rafting in Tennessee Since 1978! Rafting in the Smokies was a pioneer outfitter on the Big Pigeon River in 1978. We even helped name the rapids back in those early days! Our goal then was to assemble a group of professional whitewater athletes to provide affordable fun on the river.

How long is white water rafting in Gatlinburg?

Enjoy a fun and exciting 6.5 mile trip down the river on class 3 and 4 rapids. Experience a scenic 5.5 mile trip on the river that’s perfect for families. Our whitewater rafting is located 45 minutes from Gatlinburg, so you will still get to experience the beauty of the Smoky Mountains! Get directions.

Who are the best rafters in the Smokies?

Nancy has been with Rafting in the Smokies since day one, and prides herself in the fact that her office is on the river. She loves adventuring with young kids and seeing the excitement in their faces! Curt is our wizard of the water, with more than twenty years of rafting expertise under his belt.

Which is the best white water rafting trip?

For a thrilling trip down the river, go on the Upper River trip for a 6.5 mile trip on class III and IV rapids. If you want even more of a thrill, they offer Extreme Upper River Rafting where you’ll ride in a smaller boat that hits more rapids for more excitement!