Who owns Schloss Elmau?

Who owns Schloss Elmau?

Who owns Schloss Elmau?

Dietmar Mueller-Elmau
It is telling that when Dietmar Mueller-Elmau, the CEO and owner of the Bavarian Alpine resort Schloss Elmau, had to pick a name for the hotel-operations software he was developing back in the day (before he became a hotelier), he chose Fidelio.

When was Schloss Elmau built?

Schloss Elmau was built in 1916 by Protestant theologian, philosopher and bestselling author Dr. Johannes Müller (1864–1949), as a “space for personal freedom and communal life” devoid of any ideology.

Where is elmau in Germany?

Bavarian Alps
Schloss Elmau, built by the philosopher and theologian Johannes Müller between 1914 and 1916, is a four-story national monument with hipped roof, tower and porch, situated between Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Mittenwald in a sanctuary of the Bavarian Alps, Germany.

How much does it cost to stay at the Schloss elmau?


Provider Nightly total
TUI.com $835
Expedia $1,038
Tablet $1,056

When was the new Schloss Elmau hotel built?

The new Schloss Elmau was inaugurated in June 2017 with a Jewish “Tarbut,” a Transatlantic Forum of the Washington-based German Marshall Fund and a Schloss Elmau Symposium on “Islam Through Jewish Eyes, Judaism Through Muslim Eyes.” in 2015 the Schloss Elmau Retreat, a hotel within the hotel, was brought to completion in March.

Who are some famous people from Schloss Elmau?

Since 2001 Schloss Elmau has regularly hosted a Jewish Tarbut conference under the direction of Dr. Rachel Salamander and Professor Michael Brenner, where leading Jewish intellectuals from all over the world meet with members of the Jewish communities from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

What was the purpose of the Schloss Elmau?

Nonetheless, the Bayerisches Staatskommissariat für rassisch, religiös und politisch Verfolgte took possession of Schloss Elmau without a legal title and used it as a sanatorium for displaced persons and Shoah survivors.

What did Peter Sloterdijk do at Schloss Elmau?

In 1999 philosopher Peter Sloterdijk gave a speech at the Schloss Elmau Symposium on Political Theology with the title “Beyond Being”, dealing with Emanuel Levinas’ criticism of the lack of ethics in Martin Heidegger’s ontology, entitled “Rules for the Human Park”, later referred to as “the Elmau Speech”.