Who won series 4 of Big Brother?

Who won series 4 of Big Brother?

Who won series 4 of Big Brother?

Cameron Stout
Big Brother (British series 4)

Big Brother
Presented by Davina McCall
No. of days 64
No. of housemates 13
Winner Cameron Stout

What happened to Jun from Big Brother 4?

Jun took a personal leave of absence to enter the Big Brother 4 house. After winning Big Brother, Song found out her father was in a coma. He died shortly thereafter. While vacationing in the Dominican Republic she met Belgian Davy Goethals.

Who won Big Brother 7 UK?

Pete Bennett
Big Brother (British series 7)

Big Brother
No. of days 93
No. of housemates 22
Winner Pete Bennett
Runner-up Glyn Wise

Who were the first Big Brother contestants?

These were whittled down to ten contestants: Nick Bateman, Andrew Davidson, Melanie Hill, Nichola Holt, Thomas McDermott, Anna Nolan, Caroline O’Shea, Craig Phillips, Darren Ramsay and Sada Wilkington. Though not expected to be a big hit by Channel 4 producers, the series proved to be a major success.

What season did JUN win Big Brother?

Big Brother 4
Jun Song is the winner of Big Brother 4 (US). In the season which saw Jun play the game with her ex-boyfriend Jee, as part of the X-Factor twist, her secrets alliances with Jee and Alison Irwin ensured that both women reached the final two. Jun received six of the seven jury votes and was thus crowned the winner.

Who won Big Brother 8 UK?

Brian Belo
Big Brother (British series 8)

Big Brother
Presented by Davina McCall
No. of days 94
No. of housemates 23
Winner Brian Belo

Who are all the winners of Big Brother?

Check out the full list below of all the show’s winners! Season 20: Kaycee Clark. Season 19: Josh Martinez. Season 18: Nicole Franzel. Season 17: Steve Moses. Season 16: Derrick Levasseur. Season 15: Andy Herren. Season 14: Ian Terry. Season 13: Rachel Reilly.

What was the Golden Power of Veto on Big Brother 3?

Golden Power of Veto: Introduced in the previous season as the last veto competition of Big Brother 3, was the Golden Power of Veto, was now the mainstay veto for this, and future seasons. The X-Factor: While 8 Houseguests entered the house initially, they were told that 5 of the remaining Houseguests were ex-lovers with one of the 8.

What did the winner of Big Brother go to prison for?

One year after winning Big Brother, the New Jersey native was arrested on drug possession charges and failing to file a tax return for the year he took home the show’s $500,000 prize. He was sentenced in 2011 and served four years in federal prison for the crimes.

Who are the Elite 8 on Big Brother?

Major alliances of this season include the Elite Eight (Dana, Alison, Jack, Erika, David, Jun, Nathan & Scott), the Three Stooges (Justin, Jee, Robert) which extended to Jun to make the Dream Team, and the Girl Power group that Alison, Jun, and Erika formed near the end.