Who wrote the Mummers song?

Who wrote the Mummers song?

Who wrote the Mummers song?

Bud Davidge
The Mummer’s Song/Authors
Popular singer Bud Davidge wrote “The Mummer’s Song” as a tribute to a centuries-old custom in danger of disappearing. Since its publication in 1973, it has fostered a revival of mummering, as noted author and Newfoundland son Kevin Major points out in his afterword. New edition with CD!

What is the tradition of Mummers?

Also known as mumming or janneying, it typically involves a group of friends or family who dress in disguise and visit homes within their community or neighbouring communities during the twelve days of Christmas.

What are Newfie Mummers?

Also known in Newfoundland as jennying or jannying, this folk tradition involves people dressing up in flamboyant clothes, masking their faces and distorting their voices in order to conceal their identities. It is then the hosts’ job to guess the identity of each masked mummer.

How old is Loreena Mckennitt?

64 years (17 February 1957)
Loreena McKennitt/Age

Is mummering illegal?

Mummering in Newfoundland is all about reversals—turning the normal world topsy-turvy. Men might dress as women and women as men. For decades, up until the 1990s, mummering was illegal in Newfoundland. The ban didn’t kill the tradition, though.

Who is Luka McKennitt?

Loreena McKennitt is well known as a composer and singer. In a recording career spanning more than two decades, Ms. McKennitt’s ‘eclectic Celtic’ music has received critical acclaim world-wide, and gold, platinum and multi-platinum sales awards in 15 countries across four continents.

Is Loreena McKennitt Scottish?

McKennitt was born in Morden, Manitoba, of Irish and Scottish descent to parents Jack (died 1992) and Irene McKennitt (1931–2011). In Morden, she developed her love for music, influenced, in part, by the musical traditions of the local Mennonite community.

What do Mummers say?

“Oh! Dem Golden Slippers” is the traditional anthem of the Mummers. Written by James Bland, an African American, which was introduced into the parade in 1905 by minstrel Charles Dumont. You can expect to hear it by multiple times throughout the parade, as almost every String Band will bust it at at some point.

Where did the song The Mummers come from?

The song refers to the seasonal Mummers Play performed by groups of actors, often as house-to-house visits. Its lyrics indicate a springtime holiday. It is also featured on her albums Live in Paris and Toronto, Nights from the Alhambra, The Olive and the Cedar, and the compilation The Journey So Far – The Best…

What to do if you cant play Mummers song?

If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV’s watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer. Newfoundland is known as the Granite Planet.

Who are the Mummers in the NFLD Christmas song?

See more NFLD Christmas songs. Mummers – elaborately costumed and disguised persons who participate in various group activities at Christmas. All tabs have been contributed by visitors to this site and represent their interpretation of the tune. We are unable to verify their accuracy.

When did Loreena McKennitt release the Mummers Dance?

“The Mummers’ Dance” is a single by Canadian Celtic singer Loreena McKennitt from the 1997 album “ The Book of Secrets ”. The song refers to seasonal Mummers Play performed by groups of actors, often as house-to-house visits. The song was a surprise hit in the United States, reaching #3 in Adult Top 40,…