Why is Duran Hands of Stone?

Why is Duran Hands of Stone?

Why is Duran Hands of Stone?

Durán was known as a versatile, technical brawler and pressure fighter, which earned him the nickname of “Manos de Piedra” (“Hands of Stone”) for his formidable punching power and excellent defense.

Who plays Sugar Ray Leonard in the movie?

Usher Raymond IV
The movie follows two key matches between the opponents — the final one, in 1980, ending when Duran abruptly walked out of the ring after saying “no más” (“no more” in Spanish). Usher Raymond IV, shown at the Four Seasons on Aug. 15, stars as Sugar Ray Leonard in the new film “Hands of Stone.”

Is Hands of Stone a true story?

A story of ultimate redemption. Robert de Niro steps back into the boxing ring again, this time as celebrated trainer Ray Arcel in Hands of Stone, the true story of how the legendary Roberto Duran, who is considered a national treasure in Panama, and Arcel, his celebrated trainer, changed each other’s lives.

What boxer did usher play?

Sugar Ray Leonard
Hands of Stone depicts the matchup between world-class Panamanian boxer Roberto Durán (Édgar Ramírez) and the undefeated lightweight champion Sugar Ray Leonard (Usher Raymond). Leonard takes an L the first go-round, but five months later, on November 25, 1980, their infamous rematch made boxing history.

Why did Roberto Duran say no mas?

Durán has said that he never said the words No mas to anyone following the bout. He said the cramps occurred because he took off weight too quickly, then ate too much after the morning weigh-in, but his manager, Carlos Eleta, said Durán always ate that way before a fight.

Why did Duran say no mas?

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