Why is Heather Mason called Cheryl?

Why is Heather Mason called Cheryl?

Why is Heather Mason called Cheryl?

As with Cheryl, a grieving Harry raised the baby as his daughter Heather Mason. After the events of Silent Hill 3, she changed her name to Cheryl Mason to honor the name that Harry gave her former self before he became entangled with the cult.

How old is Heather Mason?

If the voice that phones Heather in the locker room in Brookhaven Hospital can be trusted, her complete being, Alessa, is 31 years old by the time of Silent Hill 3.

What color are Cheryl Masons eyes?

The daughter of Harry Mason, Cheryl is a young girl of seven years of age. She has brown hair and brown eyes and is a quiet little girl. After the tragic loss of her mother at around the age of three, Cheryl was left alone with her father.

Is Cheryl Mason good?

Cheryl Mason is arguably one of the best survivors to play as in Dead By Daylight, not just her lore but her ability to help her team is tremendous. If players use her as a survivor it will no doubt help them become a better team player and help the other survivors live to see another day.

Are Alessa and Heather the same person?

Heather is the reincarnation of Alessa Gillespie, a young girl with strange supernatural abilities that grew up in the small American town known as Silent Hill. One of her only friends was a young Claudia Wolf, who Alessa loved as a sister.

What happened Harry Mason?

Harry collapses in sorrow over the loss of his daughter. Harry is then seen bleeding from his head, unconscious in his car, which suggests that everything that happened in Silent Hill was just a dying dream, conjured by the failing synapses of his dying brain.

Who is the protagonist of Silent Hill?

Harry Mason
Harry Mason (ハリー・メイソン, Harī Meison) is the player character of Silent Hill.

What are the best perks for Cheryl Mason?

Nevertheless, let’s take a look at the best builds you can make with Cheryl’s teachable perks.

  • Pick Me Up. SOUL GUARD Perk Build Is OP (NEW PERK) – Dead by Daylight.
  • Fast Together. Blood Pact Value | Dead by Daylight.
  • Faster Forever. Running Faster Forever With Blood Pact.
  • Extreme Soul Guard. SOUL GUARD DONE RIGHT!