Why is my Xbox party chat coming through my TV?

Why is my Xbox party chat coming through my TV?

Why is my Xbox party chat coming through my TV?

If you’re hearing party chat through your TV speakers even after connecting a chat headset, you may need to re-associate your controller with your profile. Press the Xbox button  to open the guide and go to Profile & system. Select Add or switch and select your profile.

How do I stream game chat audio on Xbox one?

To the right of the Go Live button is a (…) button to open more options. Select that and then Broadcast Options. Check on the switch to “Include Voice Chat Audio”….

  1. Invite your friends to a party.
  2. All players opt-into adding audio to the stream.
  3. Streamer turns on party chat in the broadcast settings.

Why can my friends hear me but I cant hear them on Xbox?

Connect your headset to your controller. Select Tools, and then Options. Then, select Audio settings in the General menu to test your microphone and speakers. Make sure you have your Xbox One Chat Headset selected from the dropdown list of devices while you’re testing.

Is there a way to hear party chat and game chat?

Party chat comes through the base of my headset.. and game chat comes through headset adapter with 3.5mm cable to headphones. My headphones are also connected wirelessly to base for party chat. So i can mute my usb microphone or headset mic depending on who i want to hear me.

How do you get sound from your Xbox to your TV?


  1. Press the Xbox button  to open the guide, then select Profile & system > Settings > General > Volume & audio output.
  2. Under Speaker audio, select either HDMI audio or Optical audio, depending on how your device is connected.

Why cant my Xbox stream my game chat?

Party Chat If you are unable to hear yourself or others on your broadcast. Please review the Privacy and Online Safety Settings for your account. Check your settings and make sure you allow audio to be shared outside of Xbox Live. In addition, members of your party must also opt-in to share their voice chat on stream.