Did Gibson discontinue the ES-175?

Did Gibson discontinue the ES-175?

Did Gibson discontinue the ES-175?

The Gibson ES-175 is an electric guitar manufactured by the Gibson Guitar Corporation. It was dropped from the Gibson lineup for 2019 after 68 years in continuous production. It is a 243⁄4″ scale full hollow-body guitar with a trapeze tailpiece and Tune-O-Matic bridge.

Why did Gibson stop making ES 175?

The hiatus in 175 production is in part due to the uncertainty re: Gibson’s future (which, IMO is being milked by the business press for clicks and giggles); the slump in prices is half correction/half CME blowout fallout; in the long term, I believe production will resume, adjusted for a more realistic relationship to …

How much does a Gibson ES 175 guitar cost?

The laminate construction resulted in a lighter guitar (2,52 kg / 5.55 lbs) with less feedback compared to solid wood guitars. The first Gibson ES-175 models cost $175 and that’s where these guitars get their name from. ES stands for Electric Spanish. Here’s a list of acronyms used in relation to the ES-175: ES – Electric Spanish D – Double pickup

Who are some famous people who played the Gibson ES 175?

Though the Gibson ES-175 is associated with jazz greats like Jim Hall, Pat Metheny, and Joe Pass, its versatile tone and ability to take distortion has made it a favorite of fusion and rock guitarists like Steve Howe (Yes) and Buck Dharma who played an ES-175 on Blue Oyster Cult’s classic Don’t Fear the Reaper.

Is the Gibson es175 tailpiece in working condition?

This is an early 1950’s Gibson ES175 tailpiece in working condition It does look used and on the bottom side you can see a lot of discoloring around the hinge part The whole piece is in working condition its not broken where the hinge is It still moves back and forth can feel a little loose maybe but it moves back and forth like it should.

What kind of guitar is a 1960 Gibson?

1960 Gibson ES175 Vintage Sunburst Archtop Acoustic Electric Guitar. Beautiful example of a vintage Gibson ES175. Plays and feels absolutely wonderful, low action & cracking tone as you would expect. A proper guitar!