How do I report Cid in Kenya?

How do I report Cid in Kenya?

How do I report Cid in Kenya?


  1. +254 020 3343312.
  2. +254 020 7202000.

How do I file a police report in Kenya?

You can also download a complaints form to fill out and send in. Other ways to raise complaints on policing include: a)Phoning our Complaints Management Team on +254 792 532 626/627; +254 773 999 000; +254 772 333 000; +254 780 490 600/601 to make an oral complaint.

How do I report a con man in Kenya?

Report con cases FREE of charge through SMS to 333 – include the telephone number which initiated the fraudulent request.

How much does a CID officer earn in Kenya?

How much is a CID paid in Kenya? CID salary in Kenya is an average of Ksh. 158,000 per month. This C.I.D salary in Kenya includes all the allowances that they benefit.

How do police investigate a missing person in Kenya?

In Kenya, the first step to finding a missing person involves making a report to the Kenya Police who are significantly understaffed and irregularly spread. Most of the police officers are not invested in finding missing persons and will brush off such cases.

How long does a criminal record last in Kenya?

It is good to note that if an applicant had cases and he/she was acquitted by a court of law, that criminal record is EXPUNGED from the criminal database. Howbeit, if convicted of the same, the record is kept for 20 years before it is expunged unless…

Where do I report corrupt police officers?

The SAPS has a Service Complaints Centre: 0800 333 177. In the Western Cape there is also a police ombudsman. The ombudsman deals with matters affecting relations between the police and any community (Tel: 021 483 0669; Email: [email protected]).

What happens when you report a number to 333?

Report to 333 Notify Safaricom of imposters and suspicious branded links/websites/social media handles. Do not share any personal details with anyone on such platforms. Reporting helps to ensure that the conning numbers are investigated and blocked.

What is the salary of Administration Police in Kenya?

The NPS lessened administration police salary per month in Kenya, with graduate compensation shifting from Ksh. 36,000 to Ksh. 18,000. Before these salary changes, which likewise included imposing a tax on disabled officers, graduate constables earned a basic salary equivalent to a non-graduate inspector.

How long should you report someone missing?

How To Make A Report. You do NOT need to wait 24 hours before making a report to police. If you have concerns for the safely and welfare of someone that cannot be located, attend your local police station to make a report as soon as possible.

How often is cyber crime reported in Kenya?

There are an estimated 3000 cyber-crime incidences reported in Kenya every month. According to Information Technology, Security, and Assurance Kenya, internet based crimes range from bank fraud and illegal money transfers to the compromise of personal data.

What was the crime rate in Kenya in 2018?

One tactic of carjackers is to tie up victims and put them in the back seat or trunk of their own car, transporting them to an ATM to withdraw cash. The National Police Service Crime Report notes 65,820 reported offenses in 2018, compared to 59,029 in 2017, marking a 12% increase.

Is there a risk of terrorism in Kenya?

There is considerable risk from terrorism in Nairobi. Terrorism remains a high priority concern. The U.S. government continues to receive information regarding potential terrorist threats aimed at U.S., Western, and Kenyan interests in the Nairobi area, counties bordering Somalia, and in the coastal areas including Mombasa and Malindi.

Are there any attacks in Kenya in 2019?

Also in January 2019, a small IED exploded in Nairobi’s central business district, slightly injuring two civilians. On February 4, 2019, the U.S. Embassy alerted the public to credible information indicating extremists may be targeting Westerners in Nairobi, Naivasha, Nanyuki, and coastal areas of Kenya.