How do I see Jesus touchdown?

How do I see Jesus touchdown?

How do I see Jesus touchdown?

You could see it if you were walking on the Southeast portion of the campus. You could see it pretty much from anywhere in the South half of Notre Dame stadium, at least before the mid-90’s expansion. The tricky part of the stadium view was that you could just see Jesus, but not the saints of learning.

How long was Jesus touchdown at Notre Dame?

Theodore Hesburgh, C.S.C., who served as the university’s president from 1952 to 1987. The library’s exterior façade that faces the university’s football stadium includes a large, 134-foot (41 m) by 68-foot (21 m) mural called The Word of Life, or more commonly known as Touchdown Jesus.

Who coined the term Touchdown Jesus?

Scott Eden
Scott Eden, author of Touchdown Jesus: Faith and Fandom at Notre Dame, addresses the question of the mural’s name: “The precise etymology has been lost, but almost immediately after its unveiling in 1964, some campus wit or other created the nickname by which it is now colloquially and universally known.

Is Touchdown Jesus still there?

During a storm on June 14, 2010, the giant “King of Kings” styrofoam and fiberglass Jesus statue was struck by lightning and burst into flames. The statue was destroyed (a less athletic replacement is under construction).

Which end of Notre Dame Stadium is Touchdown Jesus?

north end zone
Reaching 14 stories high, Hesburgh Library is an important gathering spot for students. Its south side features “The Word of Life” mural, better known as “Touchdown Jesus.” Jesus faces the north end zone of Notre Dame Stadium and, with arms raised, appears to be signifying touchdown.

Did Big Butter Jesus get rebuilt?

Solid Rock Church King of King statue (AKA Big Butter Jesus and Touchdown Jesus) burned to the ground on June 14, 2010. Solid Rock replaced the BBJ with a statue called “Lux Mundi” (Latin for “Light of the World”) in 2013.