How many months does a Silulo Ulutho Technologies course take?

How many months does a Silulo Ulutho Technologies course take?

How many months does a Silulo Ulutho Technologies course take?

six months
The founder of Silulo Luvuyo Rani said their courses are accredited by MICT SETA and that they are six months courses.

When was Silulo established?

Silulo Ulutho Technologies was established in 2004 by Luvuyo and Lonwabo Rani. Silulo Ulutho Technologies is a fast-growing technology company that provides its clients in townships and rural areas with affordable computer services.

What is the mission and vision of silulo ulutho technologies?

Silulo’s vision is to establish a presence in all nine South African provinces within the next 5 years. Silulo aims to have stores in each province by 2017 and to move into other Southern Africa countries by 2020. They have identified social franchising as the quickest way to achieve this.

How many branches does Silulo Ulutho have?

43 branches
Silulo Ulutho Technologies opened 15 centres in the Western Cape and has trained over 50 000 people. The company has expanded to 220 staff members with 43 branches across three provinces, including the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and KZN.

What made Luvuyo Rani start the company?

Entrepreneur Luvuyo Rani, founder and managing director of IT services company Silulo Ulutho Technologies, is a former teacher who started his company as a micro business from the boot of his car in 2004, selling computers to teachers as his primary target.

How do I get a computer literacy certificate?

Candidate/Employee is required to apply online through website. No other means/ mode of application will be accepted. Candidate/Employee is required to have a valid personal E-mail ID & Mobile number. It should be kept active till the completion of the exam/certification process.

How can I download CLT certificate?

Please log on to the mentioned link: enter the credential to login, there will be Download option for Digital Certificate.