How much does IHS subscription cost?

How much does IHS subscription cost?

How much does IHS subscription cost?

Information retrieval services are priced by annual subscription. IHS Global Insight(USA) Inc. will provide electronic database subscriptions beginning at a minimum of $2,500 or any greater amount by increments of $1,000.

What is IHS database?

The IHS Markit Well Database is the largest, most comprehensive US well database, accounting for virtually every well drilled and produced back to 1859. We provide close to 1,000 data elements and narratives on more than 4.5 million well records, accounting for virtually every well drilled and produced since 1859.

What does IHS in IHS Markit stand for?

Information Handling Services
Information Handling Services (IHS) “was founded in 1959 as Information Handling Services to provide information for aerospace engineers through microfilm databases.” IHS’s founding date refers to a 1959-initiated publication about microfilm begun by an Englewood, Colorado-based former RELX- precursor which Norman L.

What is IHS forecast?

IHS Markit forecasts 2.0% GDP growth in 2019, followed by 2.1% growth in 2020 (fourth quarter over fourth quarter). The unemployment rate is forecast to decline to 3.5% by the second half of 2019 and core personal consumption expenditure inflation to rise to 2.2% by fourth quarter 2019.

What is Markit pricing?

Markit provides high quality, independent pricing data to drive informed decisions around trading, valuations and risk management. The quality of our data supports more accurate credit risk and volatility calculations. We provide complete transparency, as well as value-add data such as CDS sensitivity metrics.

What is IHS Automotive?

Automotive solutions from IHS Markit leverage technology and data science to provide unique insights, forecasts and advisory services spanning every major market and the entire automotive value chain—from product planning to marketing, sales and the aftermarket.

Is IHS free?

IHS provides health care to American Indians and Alaska Natives who live on or near Indian reservations or in Alaska Native villages. Although IHS services are available free of charge to all eligible beneficiaries, not all eligible individuals choose to receive care at an IHS-funded facility.

Does IHS mean in his service?

Jesus Christ
The Christogram IHS is a monogram symbolizing Jesus Christ. From Greek it is an abbreviation of the name ΙΗΣΟΥΣ (Jesus). The order of Jesuits, in other words the Society of Jesus (Societas Iesu), adopted IHS as its fixed emblem – the symbol in 17th century.

What do IHS market do?

IHS Markit is a global leader in information, analytics and solutions for the major industries and markets that drive economies worldwide. Our company partners with clients in business, finance and government to help them see the big picture with unrivaled insights that lead to well-informed, confident decisions.

Who owns IDC pricing?

Intercontinental Exchange
The company’s businesses supply real-time market data, time-sensitive pricing, evaluations and reference data for securities trading, including hard-to-value instruments….Interactive Data Corporation.

Type Private Company
Owner Intercontinental Exchange
Number of employees Approximately 2,500 worldwide

What is evaluated bond pricing?

Evaluated bond pricing is one of the most widely used methods for mutual funds and other investors to meet their obligations to fair value their portfolios on a regular basis. This has called into question some longstanding operational norms and assumptions amongst pricing vendors and their users.

When was Global Insight acquired by IHS Markit?

The Economics & Country Risk business unit at IHS Markit brings together the deep country and industry forecasts, insights, proprietary databases, daily analysis and long-term outlooks of its foundational companies, beginning with Global Insight, which IHS Markit acquired in 2008. Global Insight founded the modern economic forecasting industry.

What does IHS Markit do for a living?

IHS Markit in the News. IHS Markit is a global information company with world-class experts in the pivotal areas shaping today’s business landscape: energy, economics, geopolitical risk, sustainability and supply chain management.

Who is Global Insight and what does it do?

Global Insight founded the modern economic forecasting industry. It originated through the merger of Wharton Econometric Forecasting Associates (WEFA) and Data Resources Inc (DRI), together with Primark Decision Economics (later called Decision Economics, Inc.).

Who is the head of IHS Markit global economic forecasts?

Elisabeth now leads IHS Markit global economic forecasting, modeling infrastructure and software, and economic and financial data. Dr. Lee’s expertise encompasses an in-depth understanding of China’s short-and long-term economic outlook, monetary policy, currency issues and economic reform.