Therapy of dismetabolic nephropathy

Therapy of dismetabolic nephropathy

Treatment’s foundation is dysmetabolic nephropathies normal diet, including power-management combined, with respect to the kind of crystalluria that is practical and removes pressure on the nephron’s energetic part – equipment that is tubular.

To improve urine result is designated to some many fluids – per 1.73 m2 area 2 liters. Within kids with dismetabolic widely used therapy costs and natural medications herbs which have impact that is litholytic, enhance metabolism, market the removal of items that are metabolic not just through the intestinal tract, but additionally through the program.


Phytomedication display complicated motion: diuretic, antiinflammatory, antispasmodic, antioxidant, nephroprotective, etc.

In treatment the utilization of medicines and dismetabolic nephropathy along with nutritional tips must certanly be litholytic utilize nutrients and membrane. To get rid of the discomfort utilizing antispasmodic antiinflammatory medicines. 1-2 weeks, the treatment continues.

Development of the IBC, the accession of irritation (cystitis, Mo), bleeding, hypertension, severe renal failure, interstitial development procedure within the kidneys, persistent renal failure.


To avoid crystalluria proposed dispensary guidance for children from households who’ve a hereditary predisposition towards the ICD, frequently sick children with serious illnesses of the intestinal system, the kids, who to get a very long time (weeks, decades) obtain any medicines (corticosteroids, cytostatics, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines, diuretics, anticonvulsants, antihypertensives, yet others).

Occasionally check urinalysis, if required, to handle more in depth study – keeping ultrasound of the kidneys, transportation of salts, etc. to be able to avoid dismetabolic nephropathy must consume lots of liquids: within the chilly period – 40 ml / kilogram of bodyweight daily, within the summertime – to 60 ml / kilogram per day (within the lack of hypertension).

Considering the idea of approach that is urological to these sufferers is not enough. To be able to avoid the improvement of problems Nephrology element is important for that avoidance of nephropathy.

While mineral water utilized its quantity should not exceed 3.5 ml / kilogram (single-dose of only 200-ml).

Medical evaluation

Kids with dismetabolic nephropathy must certainly be followed-up with a pediatric nephrology, check urinalysis 1 period monthly (within the existence of urinary-tract disease 1 every 14 days), the evaluation of transportation of salts and renal ultrasound – 1 amount of time in six months, in depth study in inpatient kept 1 period each year. It’s obligatory tabs on renal functionality using the filtration rate’s description.