What is a good substitute for butterscotch chips?

What is a good substitute for butterscotch chips?

What is a good substitute for butterscotch chips?

Butterscotch Chips

  • What are Butterscotch Chips? Butterscotch flavored bits used for cookies, cakes, puddings, fudge and a variety of other desserts.
  • Substitute for Butterscotch Chips. Chocolate chips or other flavored pieces such as cherry, vanilla or carob.
  • Equivalents. 12 oz.

Are there gluten-free butterscotch chips?

The gluten-free butterscotch chips I use the most are Guittard butterscotch baking chips. Hershey’s butterscotch chips are also clearly labeled gluten-free.

Are Nestle butterscotch chips GF?

Which Nestle Chips Are and Aren’t Gluten Free? However, Nestle butterscotch chips are not labeled “gluten-free,” as these morsels contain artificial flavor barley protein as part of the ingredient list.

Do butterscotch chips have milk?

A: Alisa – Most brands of butterscotch chips contain milk in various forms, so dairy-free ones can be tricky to find. But they do exist!

Does Nestle still make butterscotch chips?

As part of Nestlé USA’s commitment to health and wellness, we began removing artificial flavors and FDA-certified colors, like Red 40 and Yellow 5, from our baking products. Sadly, our improvements to our Butterscotch Morsels have not met the expectations for some of our loyal consumers such as yourself.

Can I substitute butterscotch chips for peanut butter chips?

If you are concerned about adding the same flavor, go with a peanut butter spread. If the goal is to enjoy chunks while eating various items, then you can try butterscotch, mint, chocolate chips, or even whole peanuts.

Why won’t my butterscotch chips melt?

You can fix it by adding a little fat, such as a few drops of vegetable oil or about a half teaspoon of shortening, to smooth it back out. A bit of fat also will help butterscotch melt more smoothly on the stove.

Why are butterscotch chips hard to melt?

Because the morsels are made with stabilizers and because microwaves heat from the center out, morsels hold their shape until they are stirred. Since they don’t look melted, we keep zapping them in the microwave or raising the heat on the stove.