What is a tattler person?

What is a tattler person?

What is a tattler person?

tattler in American English 1. a person who tattles; gossip. 2. US. a grayish-brown sandpiper (Heteroscelus incanus) of the Pacific coastal region, known for its loud cry.

What does a tattler do?

noun. 1A person who engages in gossip or who tells tales.

What does tattling mean?

1 chiefly US : to tell secrets about what someone else has done : blab. 2 : chatter, prate. transitive verb. : to utter or disclose in gossip or chatter. tattle.

Is tattle a real word?

verb (used without object), tat·tled, tat·tling. to let out secrets. to chatter, prate, or gossip.

Is tattling a bad thing?

The general rule is that if it doesn’t help someone, tattling is not a good solution. That’s why it’s also important to train kids in problem-solving. The more comfortable they are with handling eyebrow-raising behavior in positive ways, the less they’ll feel a need to tattle.

What prate means?

intransitive verb. : to talk long and idly : chatter.

Why is tattling wrong?

Because adults often believe that tattling is a bid for attention, a way to get another kid in trouble, or a means to redirect attention away from a child’s own misdeeds to another’s. However, research suggests that when kids finally tell, they have endured or witnessed another kid’s offense multiple times.

Why is it called tattletale?

The word tattletale is mostly used in the U.S. (in Britain it’s more common to use telltale). It comes from the verb tattle, “report someone’s wrongdoing.” In the 16th century, you’d have called a tattletale a pickthank. These days, you can also use words like snitch or whistle-blower.

What is another word for a blabbermouth?

OTHER WORDS FOR blabbermouth gossip, gossipmonger, busybody, talebearer, bigmouth, tattler.

Which is the best definition of a Tattler?

Definition of tattler 1 : tattletale 2 : any of various slender long-legged shorebirds (such as the willet, yellowlegs, and redshank) of the sandpiper family with a loud and frequent call

What do you call a person who tattles?

a person who tattles; telltale. either of two shorebirds of the genus Heteroscelus, having a loud, whistling cry. any of various related shorebirds having shrill cries, as the yellowlegs.

What happens to a kid who is a Tattler?

There are social repercussions for kids who develop a reputation as tattlers: they get left out. — K.

Who is the Tattler in Game of Thrones?

Lori Hanson Ph.d., miamiherald, 8 Mar. 2018 Dwight and Eugene remain at an ideological impasse, but Eugene is too busy waffling between his morality and his desire to stay alive to actually pick a side—and for reasons unknown, Dwight hasn’t found a way to simply ax the potential tattler. — Laura Bradley, HWD, 3 Dec. 2017