What is the biggest fish ever caught in Lake Michigan?

What is the biggest fish ever caught in Lake Michigan?

What is the biggest fish ever caught in Lake Michigan?

Wellman’s crew landed a heck of a salmon. Chinooks bigger than 20 pounds are considered trophies out of Lake Michigan. The current Michigan state record chinook is a 46-pound river-run king that was caught in the Grand River in 1978.

What is the state record crappie in Michigan?

Michigan State Fishing Records

Species Weight Waterbody
Muskellunge Northern 49.75 lbs Thornapple Lake
Muskellunge Great Lakes 48.00 lbs Lake Skegemog
Crappie, Black 4.12 lbs Lincoln Lake
Crappie, White 3.39 lbs Stoney Creek Lake

Are there white fish in Lake Michigan?

Lake whitefish are a benthic coolwater fish that feed primarily on Diporeia, some small fish, and fish eggs. Whitefish spawn in November and December, usually in the shallows. As the water temperatures rise, lake whitefish school up in the dark, cool depths of the Great Lakes, sometimes retreating as deep as 200 feet.

What is the state record bluegill in Michigan?

List of Every Michigan State Fishing Record

Species Weight (Lb.) Location
BLUEGILL 2.75 Vaughn Lake
BOWFIN 14 Crooked Lake
BROOK TROUT 9.5 Clear Lake
BROWN BULLHEAD 3.77 Alcona Dam Pond

What is the biggest bass ever caught in Michigan?

A 9.33 pound, 24.5 inch smallmouth bass was caught this week at Hubbard Lake in Northeast Michigan (Alcona County), and was just verified as a new state record!

Is it possible to catch whitefish in Lake Michigan?

Until recently, few sport anglers had discovered the special techniques required to catch lake whitefish, but this situation is changing, and any angler who has learned to fish whitefish successfully will find it well worth the effort.

What is the state record fish in Michigan?

LARGEMOUTH BASS 11.94 26 1959 Alcona Dam Pond Oscoda Michigan Department of Natural Resources State Record Fish – July 2020 1

How big do whitefish get in a lake?

Whitefish generally grow rapidly, but this varies by region and food supply. Lake whitefish can reach a size of more than 20 pounds and an age of over 25 years, although this was more commonplace 50 years ago.

Where do whitefish swim in the Great Lakes?

The reclusive lake whitefish prefers to swim in the company of a school of fellow whitefish in the Great Lakes at depths of up to 200 feet and deeper as summer’s heat climbs. This is the main reason it requires extra skill to catch one.