When was the last Jensen Interceptor made?

When was the last Jensen Interceptor made?

When was the last Jensen Interceptor made?

Jensen Interceptor
Production 1966–1976 6,408 produced
Designer Carrozzeria Touring
Body and chassis
Class Grand Tourer

Do they still make Jensen cars?

It ceased trading in 1976. Though trading resumed in 1998 Jensen Motors Limited was dissolved in 2011. Jensen Motors built specialist car bodies for major manufacturers alongside cars of their own design using engines and mechanicals of major manufacturers Ford, Austin and Chrysler.

Are Letty and Dom married in real life?

They have been married since 2010 and have three kids – a daughter and twin sons. It’s a story that made everybody believe that true love exists. Dominic and Letty are probably one of the hottest, loyal and beautiful couples in the movie’s history. Vin and Paloma named their third child Pauline in honor of Paul Walker.

Where did the 1974 Jensen Interceptor come from?

1974 Jensen Interceptor The Jensen Interceptor is a grand touring car which was hand-builtat the Kelvin Way Factory in West Bromwich, near… Gateway Classic Cars of Atlanta is excited to offer this 2-owner 1family owned 1973 Jensen Interceptor Mark III.

What kind of car is a Jensen convertible?

1975 Jensen Interceptor convertible Mk111, Chrysler 440, r, No rust, Car has had three owners, Original owner bought new at Hollywood Sports… This 1974 Jensen Interceptor Series III is finished in Slate Grey over Black. 1976 Jensen Interceptor Convertible Triple black Rare solid car Very nice condition.

Who are the brothers that make the Jensen?

As Jensens stylish new Touring-designed Interceptor hit showrooms the firm announced a highly sophisticated companion model developed in conjunction with Ferguson Research Ltd. The… More Brothers Richard and Alan Jensen entered the motoring field as coachbuilders and much like William Lyons of Swallow and Jaguar the humble little Austin… More

When did the Jensen 541 convertible come out?

The Jensen 541S was Jensen Motors final and most radical and most luxurious revision of the 541 series. Announced in mid-October 1960, the Jensen… More 1974 JENSEN INTERCEPTOR III CONVERTIBLE Arguably the most glamorous and prestigious of all Interceptor variants, the Convertible represented the West Bromwich manufacturer’s highest… More