Who sang the song Rum and Coca Cola?

Who sang the song Rum and Coca Cola?

Who sang the song Rum and Coca Cola?

The Andrew Sisters
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Who wrote the song Rum and Coca Cola?

Lord Invader
Morey Amsterdam
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Why was Rum and Coca Cola banned?

The Andrews Sisters’ version became the biggest-selling song of the year and the third biggest of the decade in the United States. Despite its popularity, the song was controversial and was banned by network radio stations because it mentioned an alcoholic beverage and hinted at prostitution.

What is the meaning of rum and Coca Cola?

The song “Rum and Coca Cola” is about the mothers and daughters of Trinidad who provided pleasure and hospitality to the Yankee soldiers for money. The song mentions that the Yankee men were nice to the women in Trinidad, that’s why the women were attracted to them.

Is Rum and Coca Cola aaba?

“Rum and Coca-Cola” sung by The Andrews Sisters: What is the form of the song? The form of the song is AABA. The instrumentation is big band orchestra.

Are the Andrews sisters still alive?

The Andrews Sisters (from left, Maxene, Patty and LaVerne) in the 1940s. Patty Andrews, the last surviving member of the Andrews Sisters trio, died of natural causes at her home in Los Angeles on Wednesday, according to her management. She was 94.

When did Rum and Coca Cola come out?

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What year did Rum and Coca Cola come out?

How many times does this song complete a full aaba cycle?

How many times does this song complete a full AABA cycle? The song completes a full AABA cycle 1 time.

Who wrote Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy?

Hughie Prince
Don Raye
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy/Composers
But it was his wartime bugling more than 50 years ago that caught the imagination of composer Hughie Prince, who heard Mr. Wrightam play. Prince later wrote “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy,” a hit made popular by the Andrews Sisters and revived in 1973 by performer Bette Midler.

Why was the song Rum and Coca Cola not played?

Some stations refused to play the song because it mentioned rum, and alcohol couldn’t be advertised on the air, or because it mentioned the brand name Coca-Cola, which was perceived as advertising for the soft drink. In the Songs That Won The War Vol. 8 Swing Again, Yes Indeed!

Who is the composer of rum and Coke?

For the drink, see Rum and Coke. ” Rum and Coca-Cola ” is a popular calypso song composed by Lionel Belasco with lyrics by Lord Invader. The song was copyrighted in the United States by entertainer Morey Amsterdam and was a hit in 1945 for the Andrews Sisters .

What does Amsterdam version of rum and Coca Cola say?

The Amsterdam version also hints that women are prostituting themselves, preserving the Lord Invader chorus which says, “Both mother and daughter/Working for the Yankee dollar.” The Andrews Sisters also seem to have given little thought to the meaning of the lyrics.

When did Lord Invader get paid for rum and Coca Cola?

In 1948, after years of litigation, both plaintiffs won their cases, with Lord Invader receiving an award of $150,000 in owed royalties. However, Morey Amsterdam was allowed to retain copyright to the song. Lord Invader also wrote a follow-up song to “Rum and Coca-Cola”, titled “Yankee Dollar”.