Who sits on the House Homeland Security Committee?

Who sits on the House Homeland Security Committee?

Who sits on the House Homeland Security Committee?

United States House Committee on Homeland Security

Standing committee
Chair Bennie Thompson (D) Since January 3, 2019
Ranking member John Katko (R) Since December 7, 2020
Vice chair Lauren Underwood (D) Since January 3, 2019

What senators are on Homeland Security Committee?

116th Congress

  • Ron Johnson, Wisconsin, Chair.
  • Rob Portman, Ohio.
  • Rand Paul, Kentucky.
  • James Lankford, Oklahoma.
  • Mike Enzi, Wyoming.
  • Mitt Romney, Utah.
  • Rick Scott, Florida.
  • Josh Hawley, Missouri.

What does the Committee on Homeland Security do?

The Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs (HSGAC) is the Senate’s primary oversight committee with broad jurisdiction over government operations generally and the Department of Homeland Security in particular.

Who is the ranking member of the Senate Homeland Security Committee?

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, U.S. Senator Rob Portman (R-OH), Ranking Member of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, highlighted the importance of hearing and learning from current government officials about the magnitude of the domestic terrorist and violent extremist threat and how the Biden …

What Democrats are on the Homeland Security Committee?

Democratic Members

  • Sheila Jackson Lee. Texas 18th District.
  • James Langevin. Rhode Island 2nd District.
  • Donald Payne Jr. New Jersey 10th District.
  • Lou Correa. California 46th District.
  • Elissa Slotkin. Michigan 8th District.
  • Emanuel Cleaver. Missouri 5th District.
  • Al Green. Texas 9th District.
  • Yvette Clarke. New York 9th District.

What roles are in a committee?

Chair, deputy chair, secretary, and treasurer. You may also want to have other positions, like a publicity officer, an entertainment officer, a membership officer, or a fundraising officer. What size should a committee be? Most committees have between 12 and 15 members.

What are the committees in the House of Representatives?


  • Agriculture.
  • Appropriations.
  • Armed Services.
  • Budget.
  • Education and Labor.
  • Energy and Commerce.
  • Ethics.
  • Financial Services.

What Senate committee oversees the post office?

The Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee has jurisdiction over the United States Postal Service.

What are three agencies that fall under the jurisdiction of Homeland Security?

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection.
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency.
  • U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
  • Transportation Security Administration.
  • United States Coast Guard (during times of peace)
  • Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.
  • How much power does Homeland Security have?

    Under the Secretary’s leadership, DHS is responsible for counterterrorism, cybersecurity, aviation security, border security, port security, maritime security, administration and enforcement of our immigration laws, protection of our national leaders, protection of critical infrastructure, cybersecurity, detection of …

    Who was the first woman elected to the House of Representative?

    No history of American representative government could properly be written without a major reference to Representative Jeannette Rankin. The Montana Republican carries the distinction of being the first woman elected to the U.S. Congress. That singular event occurred in 1916.

    How many members are on the Homeland Security Committee?

    Total Members: 10

    Majority Members ( 5 ) Minority Members ( 5 )
    Hassan, Margaret Wood (NH), Chairman Sinema, Kyrsten (AZ) Rosen, Jacky (NV) Ossoff, Jon (GA) Peters, Gary C. (MI), Ex Officio Paul, Rand (KY), Ranking Member Romney, Mitt (UT) Scott, Rick (FL) Hawley, Josh (MO) Portman, Rob (OH), Ex Officio

    Who are the members of Homeland Security?

    Homeland Security Advisory Council Members William Webster (Chair), Retired Partner, Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy, LLP William Bratton (Vice Chair), Executive Chairman, Teneo Risk Art Acevedo, Chief of Police, Houston Police Department , Texas Steve Adegbite, Former Chief Security Officer, Cotiviti Corporation

    What does the Homeland Security Committee do?

    The committee conducts oversight and handles legislation (and resolutions) related to the security of the United States. The committee may amend, approve, or table homeland security related bills. It also has the power to hold hearings, conduct investigations, and subpoena witnesses.

    What is Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee?

    The Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs is the chief oversight committee of the U.S. Senate. Formerly known as the Committee on Governmental Affairs, it took on primary oversight responsibility for the Department of Homeland Security in 2003.