December 29, 2016

Your healthy spine

It is long known that the condition of the spine is very important to the health of the whole organism. Still the best way to keep it in a good state? Among the disorders of the musculoskeletal system are the most common disorder of the spine. Having now reached a certain age, people reached and then feels discomfort in the spine, which eventually gives way to certain diseases.

To avoid this, you must take care of the health of the spine in advance.




Overweight. These greatly overload the vertebrae and herniated discs, and as a result, osteochondrosis and herniated disc. It is important to know that the treatment of spinal fracture – it is very difficult. For this reason, you must always consult a professional, not to treat yourself.



Sitting tightly in their place bending back, leaning back and slouch not. The height of the chair adjusted so that the seat was at the level of knee folding.


Lifting weights. To reduce the load lifted without sudden movements, squatting with straight back. It is unacceptable to lift a load with a bent back and straight legs, then lifting the weight is not distributed throughout the spine, which gives a greater load on the spine.



Shoes with soft and flexible soles. Heel height of not more than 10 cm.


High heels for everyday life. This leads to a shift of the departments of the musculoskeletal system, and as a result problems arise not only with the spine and joints, blood vessels (eg varicose veins).



The bed was comfortable with a structure corresponding to the physiological curvature of the spine. For overweight people – a hard mattress, but on the contrary lean, soft. The pillow should not be too large and not small, and fill the cavity from the neck to the scapula. Its thickness is no more than the width of the shoulder inclination (14-15 cm).


If after sleep there is a feeling of fatigue in the neck, neck pain, headache – should think about changing the pillows. If the pain in the back, you can put a small pillow under the abdomen, straightening the lumbar spine, and the pain subsides. Most people with spinal cord injuries appropriate position “on the side”, preferably on the side of the patient. In this position, the bandgap broadens and reduces the pressure on the spinal cord roots.

How to get out of bed

First, lower the legs to the floor, and then sit with the hands, sitting on the edge of the bed and not much to tilt the upper body, they stand up. Never stand in a hurry, because the roots could be damaged and cause pain.