Laws to prohibit heroin and tobacco

Laws to prohibit heroin and tobacco

Should The Same Laws Used To Prohibit The Sales And Consumption Of Heroin Be Used For Tobacco?


Tobacco is a substance that encompasses nicotine. Tobacco causes numerous diseases that have adverse effects on the liver, heart and lungs. According to the investigation conducted by world health organization, about 10 percent of total deaths result from the use of tobacco. Tobacco smoking is a crucial risk for strokes, cancer due to the presence of carcinogens, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, heart attacks and hypertension. Additionally, Hirschfelder (2010) illustrates how the uses of tobacco among pregnant smokers result in miscarriages, low birth weight and premature births. Nicotine is an extremely addictive psychoactive constituent present in tobacco that causes psychological and physical dependency (Fisher, 1927). Besides, tobacco use affects passive smokers and affect fertility among men and women.

Similarly heroin is converted into morphine that binds rapidly to the opioid receptors. The opioids cause depression in breathing through alteration of the neurochemical actions of the brain. Moreover, according to Scott (1987), heroin causes long-term effects of imbalances in the hormonal and neuronal system. Heroin damages the lungs, heart, kidney, brain and intestines. Heroin results to the confusion, drowsiness reduced the rate of heart beat and blood pressure, and death among the users. Prolonged use of heroin results in constipation, irregular menstrual cycle and increased rate of infertility among women, cognitive impairment and destruction of sensitive internal body parts e.g. liver, heart and brain.

Both tobacco and heroin have adverse effects on human life. However, the laws formulated for tobacco users are lenient as compared to those of heroin. For instance, the use of heroin is prohibited in all countries while the use of tobacco is permissible in some countries despite its adversative effects on human health. Therefore, the laws applicable to controlling the use of heroin should be used for tobacco to help in reducing the negative impact caused by both drugs such as making both the drugs illegal.