What is the difference between CPT code 57460 and 57461?

What is the difference between CPT code 57460 and 57461?

What is the difference between CPT code 57460 and 57461?

Code 57460 includes removal of the exocervix and a portion of the transformation zone, if necessary. Code 57461 represents a conization procedure that takes all of the exocervix, the transformation zone, and some or all of the endocervix.

Can 57522 and 57505 be billed together?

No, the 59520 and 57505 cannot be billed together, no matter how the provider procedes with the endocervical curettage.

What is the CPT code 57522?

Cervical conization (CPT codes 57520 (Cold Knife) and 57522 (Loop Excision)) refers to an excision of a cone-shaped sample of tissue from the mucous membrane of the cervix. Conization may be used for either diagnostic purposes as part of a biopsy or therapeutic purposes to remove pre-cancerous cells.

Can you bill an office visit with a colposcopy?

If the colposcopy is performed with only minimal E/M service, then the visit would be reported with code 99025. Furthermore, CPT instructions state that an appropriate visit code should be reported when “significant” E/M services are provided in conjunction with a starred procedure.

Can 57454 and 57500 be billed together?

CCI indicates that this code combination is never allowed (modifier -59 is not allowed), but CCI always indicates this when the procedure is a “separate procedure” such as 57500.

How do you code a colposcopy?

The primary focus of the colposcopy is on the cervix. Code 57460 includes the colposcopy and a loop electrode biopsy of the cervix, a procedure done to remove a large tissue specimen(s) from the exocervix. Code 57460 is reported only once regardless of the number of specimens obtained.

Can 57500 and 58100 be billed together?

Your doc probably just needs educated that these 2 cannot be billed together.

Can 58661 and 58563 be billed together?

True Blue. 58558 and 58563 cannot be billed together, as the work of 58558 is included in 58563.